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Jeff Yeager's new book is an eBook-only release entitled "Don't Throw That Away!" is all about creative ways to reuse stuff rather than just trashing it, saving you money and helping to save the environment at the same time. And it talks about how to repurpose just about anything, from "Airsickness Bags" to "Zippers," according to the Index in the book. In addition to tons of practical tips, it also talks about the environmental impact of our throwaway society. And, oh yeah, rest assured it's littered with some trashy humor and tales of truly bizarre cheapskate behavior, in the tradition of The Ultimate Cheapskate's other books.

Like The Ultimate Cheapskate's previous books, this one is also published by Random House/Three Rivers Press, but's an "ebook original," so it's only available in electronic formats (e.g. Kindle, Nook, etc.) and is not going to be available as a print book. (Kind of fitting since you won't have to decide how to repurpose the book after you've read it.)

"I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it." — Jeff Yeager

On Sale: March 20, 2012

Praise for Jeff Yeager

"[Jeff Yeager] ...proves once and for all that living happily within your means is possible at practically any income."
—David Bach, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

"Jeff Yeager has a way of unleashing the inner cheapskate in us all!"
—Jean Chatzky, Bestselling Author and Financial Expert

"If you don't save ten times the amount you spend on this book, you probably didn't read it."
—Vicki Robin, Author of Your Money or Your Life

"Jeff Yeager's research and cross-country cheapskate quest uncovered a truth few Americans know: Not only can you be happy buying less stuff, you would likely be happier. A must-read for those who want to jump off the consumer treadmill and discover what's really important."

—Gregory Karp, Syndicated Newspaper Columnist and Author of Living Rich by Spending Smart and The 1-2-3 Money Plan

"Yeager is back with another energetic, likeably eccentric lesson on living happily well below your means. Yeager and his "Miser Advisers" are proof that living more frugally isn't about sacrifice—it's about making choices every day to live a better, happier, more thoughtful life with less."

Publishers Weekly